Yeovil Vegan Market

We are pleased to announce, on 2nd March 2019 we will be participating in Yeovil Vegan Market. This is the first time this event has run and we are really excited to be involved with it. If you are nearby, come and see us.

Bridport Vegan Market and Cariad Wholefoods

We are pleased to announce we have taken up a regular slot at Bridport Vegan Market and will be there this Saturday (9th February). Last month was a lot of fun, so we encourage you to pop down and meet us in person.


You will also find some of range, freshly prepared for Cariad Wholefoods in Blanford every week. Be sure to get down there early as the quiche and SoS rolls tend to sell out quick!

Where? When? When?

Keep your eyes peeled for updates! We will regularly post where and when you can come and see us, what we will be selling. We have a number of events coming up and it would be amazing if you could come and join us.